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Five Tree Maintenance Tips Worth Following

It is impossible for us to predict the kinds of natural disasters that will harm our trees; however, you can set your trees up for success with regular maintenance. Even if natural disasters do not occur, trees can be negatively impacted by diseases and pests. Consider these five tree maintenance tips.

1. Put Mulch Around the Base of Your Trees

Putting mulch at the base of your trees provides protection for your root systems, and it also supplies nutrients as the organic matter breaks down. Mulching can also help your trees get through the winter because it helps trap the moisture that trees need to survive. Spread the mulch around the tree in a three-foot diameter, and make sure the mulch is no more than four inches thick to avoid trapping too much moisture and creating an ideal environment for pests.

Make sure you only use mulch comprised from organic materials because these are necessary for providing the tree with nutrients to get through the winter. Do not use mulch that is constructed from artificial materials, and do not use gravel because this provides no benefit to your trees.

2. Provide Your Trees with Sufficient Water

Like any other living thing, trees need sufficient water to survive. Water the soil around your trees, but do not make it soggy because too much water can be detrimental. Also, water your trees either in the morning or evening during the warmer months, so the water does not evaporate.

3. Fertilize Your Trees During Autumn

The winter weather puts a strain on your trees. To give your trees the fortitude to make it through winter, fertilize them during the autumn months. Have an arborist perform this task for you because they know the best kinds of fertilizers to set your trees up for success, and they have techniques they can implement.

4. Protect Your Trees From Freezes

Freezes can damage or even kill your trees. To keep your trees from suffering the harmful effects of freezing, cover them with a tarp, and make sure this tarp reaches the ground, so it can trap the warmth the tree needs. Stake the tarp into the ground, making sure it doesn’t have any contact with the branches and leaves. When the threat of freezing subsides, remove the tarp straight away.

5. Schedule Regular Tree Maintenance

To ensure your trees remain in good health and to catch pest infestations and diseases quickly, schedule regular maintenance. An arborist can spot the first signs of trouble and rectify issues before they cause major damage. It is advantageous to schedule tree maintenance annually.

If you have not had an arborist inspect your trees this year, now is the time. If you reside in Boulder, CO or any of the surrounding areas, contact Roots Up Tree Company for all your trimming and pruning and other tree care needs.

Choosing a certified arborist means you can rest easy knowing that your tree professional knows how to perform any tree service that you need in a way that is environmentally conscious, preserves the natural health and beauty of your tree, and improves the safety of your property.

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