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Emergency Tree Services In Boulder

Living in our sometimes harsh weather conditions, knowing the name and number of a great emergency tree service in Boulder is vital. Between the high wind and massive snowfalls, having a large tree branch fall at your home or commercial property is not uncommon. And in some cases, the bad weather will bring down an entire tree that could be blocking access, resting on your home, or threatening the safety of other structures or guests to your property. When any of these stressful issues occur, know that you can call 720-637-3544 for fast and affordable professional Boulder emergency tree services.

Our experts have over a decade of hands-on experience working on even the most challenging tree removals. Please, never risk your safety or the safety of your property trying to remove a fallen tree or tackle a colossal fallen branch. There are too many potential hazards with nearby power lines, hidden damage to the tree, or other complications. Leave this work to the experts at Roots Up Tree Service and the expert guidance of our ISA-certified arborist.

The Right Tools For The Job

With a certified arborist on staff, our team has been trained to expect the unexpected. What looks like a tree that has simply fallen over can be much more complex. The root structure could be supporting part of the weight. Or a single branch could be holding the majority of the tree. So if you decide to make the removal a DIY project, you could be severely injured by making just one wrong cut.

Our staff will assess the tree and use ropes, pulleys, or other safety equipment when needed to ensure that the tree will not shift or move as we begin the removal process. This is equally as important when removing a large branch dangling from a tree. While it appears manageable for you to remove on your own, it could fall on you, your home, or anything nearby and cause severe damage or injuries. So instead, call 720-637-3544, and know that the Roots Up Tree Service crew will arrive with all the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to safely remove any tree damage at your home or commercial property.

Complete Cleanup

If you are thinking about taking on a fallen tree or tree debris on your own, consider the value of your time and safety. A job that will take you days can be completed by the Roots Up Tree Service team in just a few hours. In addition, we will remove logs, debris, and leaves so that your property looks as good as it did before the incident.

Consider what it will cost you to have the branches and debris hauled away. Also, think about the physical labor involved in even a minor debris cleanup job. It is never worth risking your health or safety. Instead, call 720-637-3544 for a fast price quote to handle any emergency tree services you might need, from debris removal to removing a complete tree. We promise exceptional work at affordable prices.

Why Choose A Pro?

In addition to the choice of a DIY project, it can also be tempting to try and save money by hiring a handyperson or other service. However, it is vital to understand the value and security of employing only a licensed and insured professional for emergency tree service in Boulder. You never want to see anyone hurt on your property, especially someone who is not insured. Don’t risk a significant claim on your homeowner’s insurance by allowing an uninsured person to remove any trees or debris from your property. Instead, trust the fully insured professionals at Roots Up Tree Service for fast and affordable Boulder emergency tree service.
Choosing a certified arborist means you can rest easy knowing that your tree professional knows how to perform any tree service that you need in a way that is environmentally conscious, preserves the natural health and beauty of your tree, and improves the safety of your property.

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