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Good Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Colorado has tons of trees that call the state home. Blue spruce and Douglas fir trees are just some of the popular options that thrive in and around Boulder, CO. Gambel oaks and Rocky Mountain junipers add some color and shade to your yard, too. As someone with trees on your property, you need to look at why they need pruning by professionals such as those at Roots Up Tree Company.

Encourage Growth

Trees have a finite number of resources that they use to grow. When you have a tree with dying branches, it wastes a lot of those resources on trying to save those branches and restore them. This leaves little nutrition and energy for new growth. Regular pruning encourages new growth every season.

Stop Diseases

Depending on the trees growing around your Lafayette home, you might witness a variety of tree diseases such as bacterial wetwood. Fire blight can also occur when the tree was near a fire. While some diseases stick to the same type of trees, others can spread to different species. With regular pruning, you can keep an eye out for those diseases and stop them from spreading.

Reduce Accidents

Pruning your trees will reduce the safety risk that they pose to your family and others. You don’t need to worry about a loose branch bopping your child on the head or a visitor tripping over a branch that the wind knocked down. It also allows you to trim trees growing too close to power lines.

Get More Fruit

Apples and other hearty fruits do well in Lafayette because of the climate. No one can guarantee that the trees you plant will bear fruit this season or in the future, but you can increase your chances of the trees producing fruit by properly pruning them. Pruning removes both dead and dying portions of the tree and helps it use its resources to grow the fruit you want.

Improve Your View

Whether you live close to Waneka Lake Park or one of the other gorgeous sites in Lafayette, you want to make sure you can see the view. Those old and overgrown trees in your yard can block your view of nature and also keep you from seeing different areas of your yard. You might have a hard time keeping an eye on your kids as they play in the backyard or seeing when people enter your yard from the street. Pruning improves your view.

Professional pruning eliminates some of the risks and dangers you face when doing the job yourself. Trimming and tree pruning come with benefits such as stopping diseases and promoting new growth. Call Roots Up Tree Company today to see how quickly you can schedule pruning for your yard in Boulder.

Choosing a certified arborist means you can rest easy knowing that your tree professional knows how to perform any tree service that you need in a way that is environmentally conscious, preserves the natural health and beauty of your tree, and improves the safety of your property.

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