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The Right Person for the Job

You wouldn’t hire a carpenter to design your clothes. The same should be applied to the precious trees on your property. A certified arborist is trained to handle a wide variety of issues that affect trees to keep the tree strong and healthy.

Arborist certification is given by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and our arborist will show you his or her valid certification. The following covers the services that a certified arborist can handle in and around Boulder, CO.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming require artistic knowledge, as well as scientific knowledge about trees. Different trees have different needs for pruning, and a certified arborist understands the needs of hundreds of varieties of trees. Colorado is home to a variety of coniferous and deciduous tree species, including Engelmann spruce, ponderosa pine, and quaking aspen. Regardless of what types of trees are on your property, a trained arborist will tell you exactly what to do for each one.

Tree Removal

A lot of things are involved in removing a fully grown tree. Where will it fall? Are there electrical lines or buildings in the way? Is some of the wood rotten?

Tree removal is not the job of an amateur. There is too much risk involved, and we have the proper tools and experience to get the job done safely and quickly.

Removing Storm or Fire Damaged Trees and Branches

Severe weather can batter a tree and make some branches weak and some fall. To repair the tree so that it can continue growing and become healthy, our professional arborist can trim broken branches while reducing the risk to people and property.

Other Services You May Not Be Aware Of

Trees are an important part of the Colorado landscape. Arborists do more than pruning, trimming, and removing trees. Here are a few things they do that will improve your garden and the lives of your trees:

  • Planting – There is much more to planting than sticking roots into a hole. Just like with children, the proper treatment in the early years will give the tree what it needs to grow to its full potential.
  • Cabling – Bracing and giving added support to weak branches that you want to save is accomplished with cabling.
  • Aeration – Aeration allows air to reach deep towards the roots of the tree. It is done in the soil that is surrounding the roots to promote root growth and strengthen the tree.
  • Control insects and diseases – Our arborists have full knowledge of the most common insects and diseases that affect the trees in the Lafayette, CO area.

Whether you have majestic trees or saplings in your Boulder, Colorado yard, don’t wait for an emergency to call a Roots Up Tree Company arborist. The weather is still cool, and the full heat of summer hasn’t started, so we may be able to see if disease or dead wood is developing and deal with it before it becomes a safety hazard.

Choosing a certified arborist means you can rest easy knowing that your tree professional knows how to perform any tree service that you need in a way that is environmentally conscious, preserves the natural health and beauty of your tree, and improves the safety of your property.

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